The Good Thymes is the brainchild of Fady Aziz; designer by day and nature-lover around the clock, Fady sought a project that would take him away from his desk and screen, closer to earth and his birthplace in the countryside of Southern Lebanon. His love for the distinctive savor of Lebanese thyme lead him to start an agriculture venture in Kfar-Hoûné and its surroundings, where he procured a number of abandoned centenarian terraces and set up a zaatar farm.
Once the zaatar shrubs planted, Fady set off on a journey with the best chefs and specialists in Beirut to take the wild herb beyond its savory potential. A wide range of high-quality dry thyme mixes, spices and other creations were concocted, either based on traditional local recipes or freshly imagined fusions, all celebrating the authentic Lebanese flavors.
Keeping up the good traditions of homemade products, all The Good Thymes goods are handmade, all-natural, free from artificial colors or flavors, and without any additives or preservatives. Being a wild herb, Lebanese thyme needs nothing more than the naturally fertile soil of the South, sunlight and clean water to thrive.
The Good Thymes thrives to be more than the go-to shop for top-grade thyme mixes, it is determined to offer a savory voyage around thyme, revealing the authentic taste of Lebanon, whether in the online store, the workshop in Kfar-Hoûné, or the stands in food festivals and fairs.