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About The Good Thymes


The Good Thymes story started out in the vast green lands of Lebanon when founder Fady Aziz channeled his creative spirit into his love for thyme. Our carefully curated thyme infusions revolutionized the herb, and our Nutty, Fruity, Hot, and Superfoodie Zaatar mixes quickly became a household staple. The Good Thymes then branched out into a variety of product lines to integrate the many health benefits and distinctive savory taste of the herb into diverse aspects of your everyday life.


Rooted in the love of the herb, the preservation of the land, and the drive to promote rural development, The Good Thymes was set firm in its foundations to promote the ethical production of the herb and enforce Fair Trade practices. At The Good Thymes, we also proudly empower the integration of women in agriculture, with women making up more than 60% of our workforce.


As the thyme shrub travels from rural Lebanon to your home, we make sure it carries with it the distinctive aroma of the land, the passionate touch of every farmer, and the versatility that comes with good old Lebanese wild Zaatar.