Superfoodie Za’atar Baked Akkaoui Bites

500g Akkaoui cheese
1/4 cup all purpose flour
3 eggs
2 tbsp water
3/4 cup breadcrumbs
1 cup TGT Superfoodie Za’atar
2 tbsp olive oil, plus more for brushing
Salt to taste
Marinara sauce for serving

Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Brush it with olive oil.

Cut the cheese into medium bites.

Place the flour in a shallow bowl. In another one, beat the eggs and water. In a third one, mix together the breadcrumbs, Za’atar, and olive oil. Add a pinch of salt to each bowl. If your Akkaoui cheese is salty, omit this step.

Roll the cheese bites in flour, then in the eggs mixture, and then in the Za’atar mixture. Repeat the egg and Za’atar coatings, making sure that your press the Za’atar and breadcrumbs into the cheese.

Carefully arrange the prepared bites on the baking sheet. Freeze for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 215°C. Bake the cheese bites for 15-20 minutes or until they are crispy but soft to the touch. Flip halfway through the baking.

Enjoy warm with marinara sauce for dipping.